August 20, 2008

What size screen? Plasma or LCD?

1. Screens range from 9-inch minis to 50 inches and above. Anything over 42 inches may be overkill unless you're a zillionaire or agoraphobic cinema obsessive, though.

2. Plasmas deal well with fast movement, so are excellent for movies and sport, or movies about sport. LCDs have more detailed pictures generally, and work in a wider range of lighting conditions.

3. A 100Hz mode can mean a smoother picture, but some end up looking articficial. Try before you buy, to coin a cliche. A 60Hz mode is handy for gamers...

4. Pick a TV with at least two HDMI sockets so you can connect your Sky HD box and console at the same time. Two Scarf ports, VGA, S-video and component are also decidedly useful.

Have a great shopping experience :)


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